Cars autonomous driving: Best Novelty 2014

A year millions of people die in traffic accidents in cities and towns where there is technically a good tarmac and a decent signal, but even if not, the human factor is one of the biggest reasons for accidents in almost all countries .

The autonomous driving cars are able to take control of the car and guided between other cars, meet signaling there on the road or stay in your lane. On long trips or boring, these cars are critical to thousands of lives being lost. Fatigue, substance not recommended driving, drowsiness ... are too many factors that make our roads dangerous.

This 2014 FayerWayer readers choose autonomous driving cars, the best news of the year.

There are many types of autonomous driving, and cars that are able to correct the course of a car to move out of its path, even in some countries are beginning to sell "kits" to ride in a car and make it sell autonomous.

Google introduced in May next step in autonomous cars, one that has no steering wheel. Right now the laws of the countries do not allow these cars can go out to a road, maybe never will, but for cities, especially in centers often collapse, these cars are perfect for a city congestion.

It is a very interesting future of these cars. They can change the future of cities and save lives.