The Windows Operating System, the great success of Microsoft

El Comercio, April 2 2015.- The operating system for Microsoft Windows computers turned into a software giant. The first version came out in late 1985 and was not much more than a graphical extension of MS-DOS, created after the Apple Macintosh system did emerge interest in managing PCs with a mouse and image elements like icons . With its subsequent versions, Microsoft came to have a market share of 90%, partly because it was present in all manufacturers. The company gains with Windows ever sold a computer in the world. Windows 95 was the one who introduced major innovations graphs with a tidier desktop, taskbar and Start menu. Coming built from the beginning the Internet Explorer browser, Microsoft got almost clear market pioneer Netscape, and was the subject of a hard process by antitrust authorities for which he was about to be dismembered. Windows XP, released in 2001, was the longest version was current as was discontinued just a year ago. Windows Vista, 2007, was widely criticized and unpopular with users inter alia by constant security questions. With Windows 8, 2012, the system was adapted for the first time the use of touch screens, but many users asked to return the classic start button the program, and Microsoft gave him leave. The next renewal jumps straight to number 10 and out in late October. The novelty is that for the first time the operating system can be used on any device, whether smartphones, tablets and PCs.