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Ford calls 6,000 vehicles in Mexico Review

CNN Expansión
MEXICO CITY (EFE) - Ford said Wednesday that 6,089 of its vehicles sold in the Mexican market suffer damage, so called for its immediate repair. In a statement, the company said that models...

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MIT Technology Review bet for the fourth time in Mexico

Vanessa Navarrete
Mexico DF. March 25, 2015 (The Economist). The Spanish edition of MIT Technology Review, the magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) launched the fourth edition of Innova...

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Microsoft announced that Windows 10 implements biometric identification

Agencia AFP Este contenido ha sido publicado orig
El Comercio, 17 March 2015.- Do you have trouble remembering your passwords? Are you afraid or they are pirated? The future operating system Windows 10 will provide the ability to connect to...

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Cars autonomous driving: Best Novelty 2014

Manu Contreras

A year millions of people die in traffic accidents in cities and towns where there is technically a good tarmac and a decent signal, but even if not, the human factor is one of the bigge...

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The Windows Operating System, the great success of Microsoft

Agencia DPA
El Comercio, April 2 2015.- The operating system for Microsoft Windows computers turned into a software giant. The first version came out in late 1985 and was not much more than a graphical ...

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The Big Data is a term that is on everyone's lips lately. But beyond fear, this term can bring many benefits. One of them may be the most effective: for both businesses and individuals.

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portal development

Frederick Álvarez
With the spread of agencies work done in the laboratory of voice processing to other education institution and thereby grow the software community is provided.

The portal will hav...

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